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Category: Refinancing

$1.8m Capital Raising – A team of Professionals Approach

A regional transport business encountered a shortage of cashflow after they discovered that their accountant had not been correctly accounting to the ATO.

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Restructuring a Business with ATO Arrears

How does a mining services business (extraction optimisation) buy time time to restructure its cost base without entering into Voluntary Administrations?

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Financial Restructure of a Transport Logistics Business

How does a transport and logistics business recover from a partnership break-up? Particularly when the damage included a cash flow crisis, a voluntary administration (VA), and a long line of equipment financiers who did not want to support the restructured business?

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Locked in an unprofitable contract? Build a “runway”

A transport business was locked into an unprofitable long term contract with one of its larger customers. They had made a mistake in agreeing to the terms in the first place to be sure, and the financial outcomes were noted unfavourably by the client’s bank.

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