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Capital Raise for Transport & Logistics Business

Last week, the financial press reported action being taken by the government to help SMEs better access capital and manage their cash flow. Highlights according to The Australian include forcing large corporations to adhere to 30-day terms and a $2 billion fund to be loaned to SMEs. In our case study this week, we demonstrate how Hermes Capital is ahead of the news cycle with cash flow solutions available that specifically address freeing up cash tied up in accounts receivable.

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Overcoming the “capital raising” challenge

An air services business operating in the mining and energy sectors needed to fund the purchase of a new aircraft. The upturn in the mining sector meant increased demand for charter flights from large mining, civil and energy companies operating in the region.

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$600k facility backs successful business acquisition

The assets of a printing services/manufacturing business came onto the market after the business failed. The daughter of a well established printing proprietor became aware of the opportunity to acquire the assets and start a business of her own. She had grown up with printing and had a good network of industry contacts who could support her in her new venture.

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Overcoming difficulties with traditional financiers

An overseas based business decided to divest its Australian operations by selling its business to its local management team. The business was a manufacturing business operating in a profitable niche segment, but the size of the segment was considered too small by the overseas parent.

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