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Funding rapid growth in the renewables sector

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ATO arrears not an issue for fleet expansion

Payments to key suppliers are crucial to the viability of any business, especially when suppliers and wholesalers account for the majority of a company’s turnover. But how does a business remain on good terms with a supplier when unable to keep up with their obligations?

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Funding a mining services business re-boot

Recently, a mining services business dealing with the wet & dry hire of equipment encountered setbacks in the mobilisation of large contracts, after the fleet had been largely either mothballed or retrenched. Despite the long-standing business being historically successful, recent financial data indicated a lack of serviceability – bringing the business to a standstill. The need for funding new equipment, re-certification of mothballed equipment and further working capital was apparent, with a total funding requirement estimated for $1M.

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Capital Raise for Transport & Logistics Business

Last week, the financial press reported action being taken by the government to help SMEs better access capital and manage their cash flow. Highlights according to The Australian include forcing large corporations to adhere to 30-day terms and a $2 billion fund to be loaned to SMEs. In our case study this week, we demonstrate how Hermes Capital is ahead of the news cycle with cash flow solutions available that specifically address freeing up cash tied up in accounts receivable.

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Company acquires business through $500k facility

It is not uncommon for many successful business owners, at some stage of their business life cycle, to be given the opportunity to acquire a business with a complimentary product or service. But how does the business fund this acquisition when the sale is on an all-in basis a majority of the time?

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