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Structuring SME merger and acquisition deals

Hermes was recently approached to consider a Management Buyout of a strongly performing manufacturing business. Despite numerous concerns, Hermes was able to tailor a unique funding solution to help acquire and position an appreciation of the true value of the business.

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Company acquires business through $500k facility

It is not uncommon for many successful business owners, at some stage of their business life cycle, to be given the opportunity to acquire a business with a complimentary product or service. But how does the business fund this acquisition when the sale is on an all-in basis a majority of the time?

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$600k facility backs successful business acquisition

The assets of a printing services/manufacturing business came onto the market after the business failed. The daughter of a well established printing proprietor became aware of the opportunity to acquire the assets and start a business of her own. She had grown up with printing and had a good network of industry contacts who could support her in her new venture.

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Finance for Business Acquisition: Engineering Company in Bank Stalemate

A successful engineering business had the opportunity to acquire another established engineering business and needed funding to do so.

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