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Asset-Based Finance Solutions for Businesses in Transition

Navigating Financial Uncertainty with Confidence

Hermes Capital specialises in providing asset-based finance for SMEs facing unique challenges, including voluntary administration, restructuring, turnaround, growth, and acquisition. With 14 years of experience across diverse industries like transport, civil contracting, mining services, manufacturing, construction, and wholesale in Australia, we offer revolving credit facilities secured by accounts receivable, along with term debt facilities secured by plant, equipment, and real property. Our mission is to support businesses in special situations by focusing on their future potential rather than their past.

Understanding Your Needs

You’re not alone.

Directors and small business owners experiencing the daunting phase of voluntary administration face many challenges and uncertainties. Hermes Capital is here to illuminate the path forward, offering specialised financial solutions designed to fund your administration and pave the way for a successful restructuring and resurgence.

Our Financial Services

Term Loans

Secured by unencumbered plant and equipment or second mortgages, these loans can address immediate financial needs, including settling with incumbent secured creditors or funding Deeds of Company Arrangement.

Invoice Finance

Provides essential working capital to sustain operations during administration and fuel growth thereafter.

Our agility as a managed fund allows for rapid decision-making, ensuring you receive timely support when it matters most. Our extensive experience and flexible approach make us the ideal partner for businesses seeking to navigate through challenging times, such as voluntary administration.

“The support from Hermes Capital was transformative. Not only did they provide the financial solutions we desperately needed, but they also stood by us, guiding us through every challenge. Thanks to Hermes, we are not just surviving; we are thriving.”


Why Hermes Capital?


A track record of success in various industries, demonstrating our capability to understand and meet your unique needs.


Our structure enables us to act quickly, providing the financial support you need without unnecessary delay.


Solutions tailored to the complex scenarios faced by businesses in distress, offering the commercial understanding and flexibility required for effective restructuring and growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

Cost is typically the first concern for any business looking into new financing options, especially those already facing financial difficulties.

How quickly can you act?

For businesses in distress, speed is of the essence. They need to know how fast they can access the funds to manage their current situation.

What is asset-based financing, and how does it work?

This is fundamental to understanding the services you offer. A clear explanation will help potential clients grasp how your solutions could benefit them.

Who is eligible for your financial services?

Businesses will want to immediately know if they qualify for your services to assess if further investigation into your offerings is worthwhile.

How do you determine the amount of funding a business can receive?

Understanding this process can help businesses gauge the extent to which Hermes Capital can meet their needs.

Can Hermes Capital support businesses with a history of financial difficulties?

This question directly addresses the concerns of businesses in distress, many of whom may assume past difficulties disqualify them from obtaining new financing.

What happens if my business's financial situation changes after securing financing?

Businesses facing uncertainty will be reassured to know there’s flexibility and support available if their situation evolves.

Who do I contact if I have more questions or need assistance during the application process?

Providing a direct contact reassures businesses that help is readily available, emphasizing personalized support and service.

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Hermes Capital stands ready to assist with swift, specialized financial solutions tailored to your business’s unique situation.

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