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Asset-Based Finance Solutions for Businesses in Voluntary Administration

Navigating Voluntary Administration with Confidence

Are you on the verge of voluntary administration? Australian small and medium-sized enterprises (“SMEs”) face daunting financial challenges that are rarely understood by traditional lenders, much less supported. Unlike large banks and comparable non-bank lenders, Hermes Capital is a specialist asset-based lender supporting businesses in transition – we focus on your future potential rather than your past.

Since 2010, Hermes Capital has supported hundreds of business owners, directors, and SMEs through challenging times including voluntary administration, restructuring, turnaround, and growth through expansion and acquisitions. Our experience covers all sectors, including transport and logistics, civil contracting, mining services, manufacturing, construction, and wholesale. To provide businesses with the capital they need, we offer revolving credit facilities secured by accounts receivable and term debt facilities secured by plant, equipment, and real property. Where other lenders focus on historical financials, we focus on your business today and where it will be tomorrow.

We Understand Your Needs and are Here to Help

Few people understand the daunting challenges that directors and small business owners face – especially those considering or having already entered voluntary administration. The questions and uncertainties about what this means for your business are endless, and it’s often nearly impossible to understand where the path will take you. Hermes Capital is here to illuminate that path forward through specialised financial solutions designed to fund your administration and pave the way for a successful restructuring and turnaround.

If you’re facing voluntary administration, or restructuring or are seeking to turn around your business, you’re not alone. Delaying discussions with those who can help can often result in more challenges down the road. Far too often businesses are too far gone by the time they make the decision to seek help.

Please contact us if your business is facing financial challenges. It’s a difficult step, but the sooner we hear from you, the sooner we can help.

Our Financial Services

Term Loans

Secured by unencumbered plant and equipment or second mortgages, these loans can address immediate financial needs, including settling with incumbent secured creditors or funding Deeds of Company Arrangement.

Invoice Finance

Provides essential working capital to sustain operations during administration and fuel growth thereafter.

Unlike traditional lenders, our structure as a managed fund allows for rapid decision-making, ensuring you receive timely support when it matters most. Our extensive experience and flexibility make us the ideal partner for businesses navigating challenging times, such as voluntary administration.

“The support from Hermes Capital was transformative. Not only did they provide the financial solutions we desperately needed, but they also stood by us, guiding us through every challenge. Thanks to Hermes, we are not just surviving; we are thriving.”


Why Hermes Capital?


A track record of success in various industries, demonstrating our capability to understand and meet your unique needs.


Our structure enables us to act quickly, providing the financial support you need without unnecessary delay.


Solutions tailored to the complex scenarios faced by businesses in distress, offering the commercial understanding and flexibility required for effective restructuring and growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is asset-based lending?

Asset-based lending is financing secured by assets including trade receivables, equipment, and property.

Asset-based lending offers borrowers lower all-in pricing due to the security taken by the lender. By taking security over assets, Hermes Capital can lend to businesses at rates that otherwise wouldn’t be available given their financial circumstances.

Who can borrow from Hermes Capital?
Hermes Capital lends to commercial entities. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide loans to individuals.
How much can I borrow?

As an asset-based lender, Hermes Capital will lend based on the equity value of the assets being offered as collateral. The specific calculation methodology is situation-dependent and considers a range of factors involving the business and the assets.

Will Hermes Capital lend to businesses without a pristine history?

Yes. We do not evaluate businesses on their trading performance over the last 12 months. Hermes Capital specialises in “special situations” which requires a focus on the business today and where it will be in 12, 24, and 36 months in the future.

How quickly can Hermes Capital act?

As a managed fund, our structure provides for rapid decision-making, which allows us to provide same-day Finance Proposals for businesses in need.

What happens if my business’ financial situation changes after Hermes Capital finances?

As a lender to businesses facing special situations, Hermes Capital prides itself on supporting management teams to execute their business plans and “graduate” into a higher tier of lower-cost financing (e.g., with a big four bank). 

How do I engage with Hermes Capital?

If you are seeking debt financing and would like to speak with someone at Hermes Capital, please reach out via our Contact Us page or call us directly at (02) 9690 0611 if your matter requires urgent attention.

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