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Category: Re-Capitalising

New contract, new investment, new working capital

A food manufacturing business with patchy financial statements won a supply contract with a national retailer that would potentially double revenues. Newly developed pre-prepared “fresh” meal products would be added its existing range of desserts. The manufacturing process, whilst similar, required investment in new equipment and working capital.

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The nuances of re-capitalising businesses

A family held manufacturing business in Queensland that had been trading for over 20 years had decided to time had come to list. Its advisors and the business agreed the best opportunity to do so was via a “back door listing”.

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What happens when a joint-venture relationship goes downhill?

A long established manufacturing business struck cash flow problems when a joint venture it had entered into turned sour. On paper the JV had been a good idea – the JV partner had complimentary product lines and the same market. In practice however the two management teams were incompatible and the relationship turned sour.

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