Sorry I missed you

Hi there, it’s Andrew from Hermes Capital.

I have not had much success reconnecting with you.

I just need to know whether or not to keep trying. To make it nice and easy for you, reply to my SMS with a simple keystroke and I will know what do to. But please do reply so I can stop calling if you are not interested. Reply with A, B, C, D or E.

A. Stop calling me with attempts to connect but continue to email me.

B. Don’t contact me, remove me from your list. We don’t currently and won’t ever need your help.

C. I want to talk, we need some help, but the timing isn’t right. Keep trying.

D. I would like to schedule a time to talk. We need some help. Please send your calendar link.

E. I forgot who you are. What’s this about?

Thank you.




What have we been working on?

Here are some links to our latest case studies, podcasts and blogs you may have missed.


Case Studies

Capital Maximiser

Industry: Transport – Road Freight

Business Stage: Re-capitalisation

Funding: $1,000,000



Industry: Importing/ Wholesaling – Fresh Flowers

Business Stage: Start-up

Funding: $1,250,000



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