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Rescue or Risk: The Real Impact of Australia’s Latest Restructuring Laws

Following our recent Lunch Money interview with Blair Pleash, restructuring partner from Hall Chadwick and Professor Jason Harris from Sydney University’s law department, we explore the complexities of corporate restructuring amidst economic shifts, exploring measures like Small Business Restructuring and Safe Harbor.

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Deadline Dilemma: Responding to Final Demands

In the complex world of business and finance, entrepreneurs often find themselves facing challenging situations that require strategic navigation. From managing statutory demands to negotiating with banks, understanding the intricacies of financial processes is essential for preserving a company’s stability. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into two critical aspects: dealing with statutory demands and engaging with banks during financial upheavals.

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Sharpen Up Over Summer

As we approach the end of the year, it’s a time for us to reflect and see what we can do differently next year. The core of communication starts with YOU. Arabella will share some strategies you can implement around self-management and creating habits.

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5 steps to creating a profitable sales person

As a business owner, you may have encountered a unique character in your sales team – the “Widget Fairy.” This whimsical individual excels at finding potential customers, sprinkling them with your products or services like magical widgets, but often forgets the critical part: ensuring that your company gets paid. In this article, we’ll explore five key strategies for transforming your “Widget Fairy” into a profitable salesperson who not only brings in customers but also ensures a steady stream of revenue.

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SME Funding: The Power of “What Are You Trying to Achieve?”

The business landscape for SMEs is characterized by diverse needs, goals, and challenges, where success depends not merely on monetary resources but on aligned and strategic financial solutions.
Many commercial financiers often misinterpret SME needs by offering generic financial solutions, thereby missing the actual requirements of the business.

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The High Cost of Waiting: Lessons from an Ill-Fated Plumbing Contractor

Business owners frequently shy away from non-traditional finance options, deterred by the perceived higher costs compared to traditional bank loans. While the rates may seem steeper at a glance, this narrow focus often blinds them to a far graver financial risk: the colossal opportunity cost of acting too late. As projects get stalled, credit lines dry up, and options vanish one by one, the financial bind tightens, often beyond repair. This is a poignant case study illustrating the devastating consequences of delayed financial intervention.

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