5 steps to creating a profitable sales person

As a business owner, you may have encountered a unique character in your sales team – the “Widget Fairy.” This whimsical individual excels at finding potential customers, sprinkling them with your products or services like magical widgets, but often forgets the critical part: ensuring that your company gets paid. In this article, we’ll explore five key strategies for transforming your “Widget Fairy” into a profitable salesperson who not only brings in customers but also ensures a steady stream of revenue.

1. Clarify Expectations:

First and foremost, sit down with your “Widget Fairy” and clarify the expectations of their role. Emphasize the importance of securing not just leads but also ensuring timely payments. Stress that their performance is measured not just by the number of sales made but also by the collection of payments within the agreed-upon terms. This clarity helps align their goals with the company’s financial objectives.

2. Provide Training and Resources:

It’s possible that your “Widget Fairy” might excel in salesmanship but lacks the skills or knowledge necessary to handle payment collection effectively. Offer training and resources that focus on financial management, customer invoicing, and payment follow-up techniques. Equip them with the tools they need to ensure successful transactions from start to finish.

3. Implement Effective CRM Systems:

Invest in a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that integrates sales and payment tracking. A well-implemented CRM can streamline the entire sales process, from lead generation to payment collection. It provides your “Widget Fairy” with a clear view of customer accounts, outstanding payments, and reminders for follow-ups, making their job easier and more efficient.

4. Set Up Incentives and Accountability Measures:

Motivate your “Widget Fairy” by introducing performance incentives tied to successful payment collections. Consider offering bonuses or commissions based not only on sales but also on timely payments received. Additionally, establish regular check-ins to review their progress and hold them accountable for their role in the payment collection process.

5. Encourage Customer Engagement:

Engage your “Widget Fairy” in fostering strong relationships with customers. Emphasize that building trust and rapport can make payment collection smoother. Encourage them to communicate clearly about payment terms, invoicing procedures, and the benefits of timely payments. Happy customers who value your products or services are more likely to pay promptly.

In conclusion, your “Widget Fairy” salesperson possesses valuable skills in finding and attracting customers. By transforming them into a profitable asset, you can harness their sales prowess while also ensuring your business receives timely payments. Clarity, training, technology, incentives, and customer engagement are all crucial elements of this transformation. Remember, a salesperson who not only brings in business but also ensures the money flows in as expected is an invaluable asset to your company’s growth and sustainability.

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