About Hermes

Hermes Capital was established in 2009 to provide working capital finance to Australian SME’s who had become increasingly unable to secure sufficient funding from the banking system post the global financial crisis.

Hermes is privately funded by high net worth investors seeking to invest in specialist financial assets via a unit trust structure. Our unitholders often run or have been successful in business themselves so they know what it takes to achieve success.

To realise its investment objectives Hermes works with clients to structure working capital solutions that can deliver their financial objectives. Being privately funded we are able to provide the highest levels of flexibility and are bound by common sense and not constrained by institutional bureaucracy. In problem solving and credit decision making our professional service enhances the reputation of every stakeholder involved in the process.

Our success is borne out by the growth in the businesses we fund and our strategy is to work with brokers and advisers who share our values and are driven to see their clients prosper.

In doing so, Hermes strives to be a broker’s dependable funding partner. We work not only to achieve a result for our mutual client but also to enhance the broker’s relationship through the process.