Trusted Financial Partner

Hermes understands that businesses, whether seeking new funding or restructuring their existing financial obligations, need to work with a financier they can trust to deliver the optimal solution.

Hermes seeks to build trust by:drawing graph

  • Working flexibly to deliver the right outcomes for the client’s business
  • Treating all the financial information disclosed to us with the utmost discretion
  • Being dedicated to the client’s timetable for raising capital
  • Providing day to day service that enhances the performance of the client’s business

At the heart of Hermes value proposition is a desire to constantly build our client’s trust across these dimensions as we move together through the finance approval and beyond into the regular funding process. This is demonstrated in a number of ways:

  • Upfront, we communicate openly about the expectations you can have for the level of funding we will offer, the information we require to substantiate your application and the way we will evaluate your business to approve the facility
  • During the approval process we constantly strive to operate with a level of responsiveness, communication and timeliness that makes the decision making process as fast and transparent as possible
  • Throughout we will be flexible in achieving your financial goals with sound and practical problem solving to achieve an optimal solution
  • On-going we will adopt the highest professional standards and confidentiality in our dealings with your business

Offering and documenting lending facilities is a specialist and detailed procedure. Hermes will ensure the process is as streamlined and efficient as possible creating certainty in an uncertain process. Our clients always know where they stand and have the utmost confidence knowing, that if they have met their obligations, Hermes will deliver on its funding promise.

“Our clients see Hermes as their Trusted Financial Partner”