Innovative Outcomes

Hermes understands that it’s the future of a business, not its history that matters. If the business is a viable enterprise Hermes will take the time to understand its challenges and create a financial solution that will help it realise its full potential.

Working capital facilities are not vanilla financial products. Often our clients have unique business challenges. Our role is to problem solve to deliver the financial outcomes they require. drawing graph

The Hermes team will look at a company’s full financial position to deliver a cashflow facility designed to maximise the amount of credit available (thereby increasing funding in comparison to a traditional bank overdraft).

Whilst we specialise in debtor finance, by evaluating all a business’ assets, Hermes can amalgamate different types of security (including accounts receivable) to structure a single, combined debtor finance and term lending facility. We call this product the Capital Maximiser’.

“As such, Hermes is able to deliver financing solutions where the banks will decline to help”

Each situation is different. By analysing every aspect of a company’s financial position we are able provide flexible, customised solutions specific to the needs of the individual business. In the end Hermes is simply results focused and we will find a solution that works.