How We Work With Brokers

Hermes seeks to build long term partnerships with its financial partners, and is strategically invested in building and maintaining its business via the broker channel.

Our offer to Brokers is based upon:


Hermes does not promise what it cannot deliver. Broken promises reflect poorly on both broker and funder and Hermes is acutely aware of this


Hermes understands that cash flow problems need to be solved quickly, and that both Hermes and the broker risk missing the opportunity to assist the client if timely solutions aren’t delivered


Hermes team brings many years’ experience both in finance and in business to the table. This is invaluable when a way forward can only be found through a deep understanding of the issues undercapitalised business face


Hermes respects and honours the relationship that you have with your client, and will in no way seek to breach the trust you have in us in making the introduction


Hermes offers competitive remuneration to corporate advisors

Ultimately, Hermes has a practical approach to qualifying new business. We assess every file on its merits with our bias being the viability of your client’s business moving forward rather than its history and we guarantee to enhance your reputation through the process.